Sunday, April 7, 2013

Future Video Plans

With midterms and the semester coming to an end relatively soon, I think it's time to reveal plans for future videos. Hopefully I should have more time between midterms and finals to put up a few more videos. Then come the summer months where my employment shouldn't interfere with my plans too much.

I've published 15 Arduino tutorials thus far, and I feel that there are only going to be a few more as I feel I've covered everything that can be done with the native device. That being said, I do want to do some more videos exploring some of the interesting things that can be done with shields and extra libraries. I'd also like to explore the Arduino Due, given the time to procure one.

I'm still going to continue on with the AVR-C tutorials, along with Electronics 101 and 201. The Minecraft Redstone tutorials may require some rethinking, but that should continue as well. The "On A Breadboard" videos will continue as soon as I can gain access to some better testing equipment, specifically an oscilloscope and a LLA. I have some other video ideas that I want to put up that don't fit in any specific category, that will appear periodically, as well as some project videos.

Finally I have 2 new series to announce. First is moving to a different architecture microcontroller. I'm going to start doing videos using the ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller built into the STM32F Discovery board. The second series is something a few people have requested. It's a series based around learning assembly with the Z80 processor. This series will have 2 purposes; one being to introduce assembly to interested programmers, and the second is to cover building an entire system around a microprocessor, rather than a microcontroller.

I hope you all enjoy these new series. Remember that I am always willing to take topic suggestions.

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