Monday, June 24, 2013

Why You Should Buy A RaspberryPi

In case you don't already know, the RaspberryPi is an extremely cheap, credit card sized, full capable computer. I was one of the first people to order it when it went on sale and it is easily one of the most capable devices I have ever purchased. What you get is a computer capable of running Linux, networking capabilities, television output, and over 15 GPIOs with various capabilities. For the cost of the Arduino, you can have that and so much more. If that hasn't convinced you, let me go into the rant I have prepared.

This little computer is cheap. Really cheap. For $30, you can have a personal computer, provided you have a television. It's really great as a child's first computer, or as second computer, or even a little file server. But while it can be used for those traditional, almost boring things, there's something better. 

Again, it's cheap. So cheap you could probably afford to put one of theses almost anywhere. I have two Pi's of my own. The first one I bought turned my normal TV, into an internet enabled entertainment center. By using the Raspbmc image, I have a TV that I can stream YouTube, music, movies and even pictures from my computer, phone, or  iPod. I want to use my second one to run my smart dorm when I go back to school next semester. Any place you have ever thought, "Gee, if only there was a computer here", with the RaspberryPi you can actually make it happen. There is almost no limit to what the RaspberryPi can do.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Okay...I may have been a little too optimistic when I said that my employment this summer wouldn't interfere too greatly with my video schedule. I have probably never been so wrong. I'm not used to working 8 hours a day, every day, so it's going to take me some time to get adjusted to my new schedule. I guess that it shouldn't be much longer than a week to get back into the rhythm of things. I'm still doing some of the things mentioned in my last post, and I do have an interesting project I have been working on in my free time. While I am getting reset, you can still get into contact with me via my email,, if you have any immediate questions, because it's far easier than trying to talk through YouTube.

Now that that is sorted, I have a request of any of my readers who may be artistically inclined. You may have noticed that YouTube has changed how they present channel pages. Since the change, I've felt as though my page is somewhat lacking. Thus I ask those of you blessed with good color sense and a steady hand, if you could create some channel art. I would be very grateful for your contribution. I can't guarantee any sort of reward, but I may be able to find something.