Monday, February 27, 2012

Kinect and Processing

I'd received an Xbox Kinect for Christmas just for the purpose of trying to hack it. Only until very recently I had the time to be able to work on it.  I know that Microsoft had released the SDK for the Kinect, but I find trying to write C# code without having a decent understanding of the hardware can be a real problem. So I looked for alternatives  just until I got a better understanding of some of the Kinect's features. So, I did some poking around, trying to find some alternatives to Microsoft studio. I went back to OpenCV to see if they had come up with a Kinect add on to their incredible library. Much to my dismay, they had yet to create and add one to their libraries.I did however find that their is an open source library that was made for processing. There were two libraries I found, and only one that would actually work for Windows. The library is called OpenNUI for you Windows users, and if you own a Mac, the library you should look for is called simpleKinect. The processing library makes available all the cool features for the kinect, skeleton and hand tracking, infrared depth images and all sorts of other things. I hope to be able to dome really cool things with this. I'm already working on a price of facial recognition software and more intricate hand tracking, including giving the hand its own skeleton model.

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