Sunday, March 18, 2012

TI-84 Programs

So recently, I've gotten back into writing TI-BASIC programs for my various classes and I've stumbled upon a problem with my TI-84. While the sheer number of programs they already have written is incredible there is some room for more. One such program is ANOVA. While there already is a program to computer the statistic for lists, there isn't one for matrices of data, so I've written one. I've also written a program to computer derivative graphs given a function, increasing the general capacities of the calculator. Thus I've come to believe there exists some niche were people are looking to replace more and more of their pen and paper calculations with a calculator, and in doing so, also increasing the life of the device. Check out the sourceforge below for some of the programs I've written. And, I'm always willing to write programs on the behalf of others, because there are only some many needs I can write programs for.

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